1. Most roads are NOT closed to traffic. Use extreme caution at all times. There will be volunteers directing participants along the course and signs posted or spray paint on the road.
  2. When biking stay to the right at all times except to pass. Announce to the person you are passing that you will be doing so, so that person will remain to the right-hand side of the road. If you cannot make the pass within 30 seconds, please drop back to 3 bike lengths.
  3. While running, stay to the right at all times except to pass. The path will not be closed to public use so use extreme caution when running/passing.
  4. There is ABSOLUTELY NO LITTERING on the course. There will be trash receptacles at the aid stations where you can toss your cups/Gu packs etc. If you are observed littering, a 4-minute penalty will be added to your overall time.
  5. If at any point you decide that you must drop out of the race, find a course marshal or volunteer on either the run or bike course. We will make every attempt to pick you up and/or provide assistance. 
  6. Be prepared to fix any small problems on the bike course: flat tire, dropped chain, etc. There will be assistance on the course, but it may take time to get to you and there’s no guarantee as to how long that will take. We will make every attempt to provide assistance quickly.
  7. All participants must have helmets. Helmet straps must be fastened before the bike leaves the transition rack and remain fastened until the bike is replaced. No exceptions! Bike/run numbers must be displayed throughout the entire race. 
  8. You MUST WALK OR RUN YOUR BIKE THROUGH TRANSITION to the designated “bike mount” area past the exit of transition. This is to keep everyone safe in the transition area.
  9. When you are done with the bike portion of the race you must dismount your bike at the designated area and WALK OR RUN YOUR BIKE BACK TO THE RACK IN TRANSITION. From there you will follow signs to the run exit to complete the run portion of the race.
  10. There are NO iPods or headphones of any kind allowed during the bike portion of the race. If you are found wearing headphones on the bike you will be immediately disqualified.
  11. All athletes must participate in their age group division relative to their age on race day (September 9, 2018). 
  12. Dogs are not allowed within the park grounds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
  13. The three men and women, regardless of age, with the fastest times will win the Overall category and are excluded from all other prize opportunities (including Master's and Age Group awards). The next three men and women, aged 40 and above, with the fastest times will win the Master's category and are excluded from winning in their age group. Please remember that it is each athlete's responsibility to review races rules before registering and/or competing. All awards are subject to review by the Race Planning Committee.